First fiat-crypto currency financial ZENIQ HUB

We at ZENIQ are developing the first fiat-crypto currency financial ZENIQ HUB. We combine our asset exchange platform with our strong crypto currency and a modern mobile fiat banking in our seamless ecosystem.

ZENIQ provides you the opportunity to invest in products and projects in the early stage to enjoy strong profits and tokenized assets to increase your investment.

Trust and the highest level of security

ZENIQ is based on trust and the highest level of security, guaranteed by our outstanding Solution - the ZENIQ HUB. It's our goal to become the most popular portal for digital investments and we will be in a few years one of the top exchanges in the world with the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange.

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As an ecosystem for the future of crypto and fiat payment ZENIQ is the right solution for your safe storage of all your digital assets. We want to empower the community to gain full control of their assets using our ZENIQ HUB.

Wouldn't it be great by having a permissionless peer to peer FIAT and crypto transactions? We would think so too. It's our goal to simplify online payments with crypto and unify digital money with our ZENIQ App. We will make businesses truly efficient, transparent and reliable.

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Crypto currency exchange

Digital payment gateway

Crypto payment for shops

Hardware Wallet

Peer to peer transactions

IBAN account

ZENIQ Exchange

As a decentralized exchange the main focus of our ZENIQ Exchange is on security, privacy and an easy to use hardware for our customers. ZENIQ empowers their community to trade across any crypto assets safely and simply.

ZENIQ offers a fast and secure way to manage and trade all categories of crypto assets by using advantages of a decentralized exchange. On the other hand we are eliminating the disadvantages of current centralized solutions on the market using its own decentralized blockchain.

  • No more expensive fees
  • Best exchange rates
  • Wire transfer no fee
  • IBAN ready verification


With our unique blockchain and fiat ecosystem we will develope a payment gateway that simplifies and streamlines online and POS payments.

ZENIQ Pay is an all in one crypto currency payment solution for your project, whether it is a marketplace, a wallet, a payment service, an ATM Service or an online shop. Integrate ZENIQ Pay to boost your project with a reliable multi-coin solution.

  • Crypto Payments for ecommerce
  • POS Crypto Payment Services
  • API for Crypto ATMs
  • Payment service provider API (similar to Paypal/ Bitpay)


Your finances - your control.

With just one mobile app you can take control of all your fiat finances and crypto assets. The ZENIQ App allows you to send permission less – peer to peer – realtime fiat and crypto currency transactions using our ground-breaking blockchain technology.

  • Permissionless fiat transactions
  • POS payment with Crypto and fiat
  • Crypto transactions and realtime fiat
  • Your smartphone = your wallet
  • Your smartphone directly connected to your ZENIQ HUB
  • Secure and private


"YOUR own digital asset safe with your own digital coin minting machine" The ZENIQ Hub is an outstanding piece of hardware with a security and participation system that has not been comparable before!

But if you think it's “just a simple Hardware” product or a bunch of services. No, it's not! It is your entrance card to be part of an upcoming revolution in asset management and finance.


Decentralizing Finance

The market is experiencing very strong growth in quality and technology.

Through “Tokenized Fundraising” (token-based capital raising), which is comparable to “Initial Coin Offerings” (ICOs), start-ups have been able to raise billions of euros / dollars in recent years. The tokenization of all forms of assets, including illiquid markets such as real estate and fine arts is also increasing and will open up entirely new global markets and business areas for investors who previously had limited opportunities, who are now gaining access to these global assets through these digitized processes.

Tokenizing Assets

Tokenizing Assets will disrupt many industries and unlock trillions of dollars, because it opens not only liquid financial markets to new investors but also illiquid assets like fine art or real estate.

You don’t have to own a whole building anymore. The advantages and benefits are obvious. The blockchain ownership becomes more transparent and it gives worldwide access to people with a simple internet connection. Tokenized products will play a major role in the future for ZENIQ.

Profit Forecast

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year

Produced ZENIQ Coins per year

37.310* 18.655* 9.328* 4.664* 2.332*

Minting cumulative

37.310* 55.965* 65.293* 69.965* 72.288*


€ 0,020* € 0,038* € 0,107* € 0,325* € 0,62*

Total value ZENIQ Coins

€ 746,20* € 2.126,67* € 6.986,30* € 22.735,78* € 44.890,93*

Exchange distribution per ZENIQ Coin

€ 0,0059* € 0,0093* € 0,0251* € 0,0587* € 0,0894*

Exchange distribution per year

€ 218** € 520** € 1.639** € 4.106** € 6.463**


To support our financial ecosystem we newly created with our blockchain the ZENIQ Coin.

  • No pre-mining
  • Issuing through mining (1%) and minting (99%)
  • The ZENIQ coin can be used as a platform for tokens e.g. for our customers in profit-sharing projects, physical assets (e.g. objects of art, precious metals, real estate) and much more

Get discounts

Get discounts when buying tokens of other projects

Get discounts

Get discounts when buying products and services

More rewards

Get more rewards through the reward system

Voting Power

Get more voting power to publish projects and products


Get Airdrops from offers projects.

Decentralized Finance

Use as collateral on future decentralized finance

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is special about ZENIQ Digital?
ZENIQ Technologies provides a unique ecosystem to its customers, which connects your crypto wallet to an IBAN account in a seamless way. You can store and access all of your fiat and crypto assets in the ecosystem through your ZENIQ HUB which is placed in the security of your home.
2Who is behind ZENIQ?
We are a team of crypto and fin-technology enthusiasts who see the added value of Blockchain technology in everyday life. We have been dealing with the blockchain for about ten years and originally come from business and industry. Our aim is to mainstream the usage of crypto technology and crypto currency in any business field.
3Is ZENIQ safe?
With ZENIQ our main aim is to sustain your privacy and maximize security by using our ZENIQ HUB and our unique shielding technology. All third party services for multi-factor authentication have been eliminated.
4Who is ZENIQ for?
Simple and clear: for everyone!
5What does "HUB 01" mean?
Everyone who has purchased the ZENIQ "HUB 01" will get the minting option to produce ZENIQ Coins. The earlier you buy your ZENIQ "HUB 01", the earlier you start minting and therefore you get more ZENIQ Coins. The minting option does not apply to the ZENIQ HUB "02".
6What is the ZENIQ ecosystem made of initially and what will happen next?
At first ZENIQ consists of the ZENIQ Coin and the ZENIQ HUB. Additional unique services will be added over time. The crypto exchange for trading assets of all kinds, FIAT and SEPA integration, b2b and b2c payment interfaces and one-off services that we still want to surprise our customers with.
7Will ZENIQ Coin be tradable on a stock exchange?
Since ZENIQ Coin is a decentralized coin, each provider can list it independently without any queries to ZENIQ Digital. Furthermore, the ZENIQ Coin (ZENIQ) is listed on the ZENIQ Exchange. Since profit sharing is measured on the basis of the ZENIQ Coin, it is not the aim of the ZENIQ Coin to be a payment coin, "ZENIQ" can be seen as an asset coin.
8What is so special about the Exchange?
Basically, the ZENIQ Exchange will have some unique features that focus on customer benefit. Compared to other market places, ZENIQs transaction fees will be very low. Users who have ZENIQ can use them for a fee reduction. One of the main features of the exchange is the seamless integration of FIAT as an IBAN account and will allow SEPA transactions. Withdrawals have no fees and our ZENIQ HUB allows outstanding security. Furthermore, our main aim is to make the exchange mobile accessible for all functions.
9What is the ZENIQ Coin?
The ZENIQ Coin is the newly created coin with our own blockchain to support our financial ecosystem and as a medium for profit sharing through the added value generated by the ZENIQ Exchange. At the same time, the ZENIQ Coin will also be used in the future for realizing real and profitable ZENIQ projects, with an additional listing on other international exchange platforms. The expected value development of the ZENIQ coin is thus not only linked to a profit sharing of the ZENIQ Exchange, but also to the future ZENIQ projects and as a means of payment for products and services
10How do I order a ZENIQ HUB?
The ZENIQ HUB can be conveniently purchased through the online store or through our resellers. All required information is collected through the ordering process. After completing the payment, the ZENIQ HUB will be delivered to your home. If you are interested to become a reseller, please contact us. ([email protected])
11What happens if my ZENIQ HUB gets damaged or lost?
When you start your ZENIQ HUB for the first time you will receive the so-called seed, words for restoring your ZENIQ HUB. These must be written down and kept safe. Exactly with this information, in case of loss or damage, you can replace your new ZENIQ HUB with your old one. As the Seed ZENIQ itself is not known, you as a customer are responsible for the proper storage of that information.
12How can the HUB be paid?
The HUB can be paid in classic EUR and in selected cryptocurrencies. Further details can be found on the invoice.
13Why is the ZENIQ HUB safe?
For classic wallets, the private key, your access to your coins and assets, is held by the service provider itself. How the transfer of data and storage works exactly is often not apparent. ZENIQ HUB generates the private key and your seed for the first startup. Only you can see them locally, ZENIQ itself does not have access to your keys. Your ZENIQ App, as well as the ZENIQ Exchange, connect via the ZENIQ HUB. Thus, your ZENIQ HUB is the central hub for you and only you have access to it.
14Do I have my ZENIQ HUB warranty or warranty?
Of course, if you have problems with your ZENIQ HUB, please contact [email protected] immediatly. We would love to help you further.
15What is special about ZENIQs payment solutions?
ZENIQ allows simple integration and acceptance of payments in cryptocurrencies in all online shops and online services. Offline ZENIQ will connect with POS (point of sales) companies. Furthermore, an interface (API) for the simple and sustainable connection of ATMs has been developed. Finally, a way is created to connect the entire financial world with a simple and understandable application. See ZENIQ as a kind of PayPal of the blockchain world.