21. September 2021

Datatechvibe – Zeniq To Launch Its First Cutting-Edge Tokenisation Platform

Zeniq Technologies Ltd, a blockchain-based decentralised applications provider, will launch a tokenisation project in Dubai to revolutionise the trading of digital assets.
19. September 2021
ZENIQ Technologies, a provider of blockchain-based decentralised applications, will launch its first tokenization project in Dubai to boost the trading of digital assets.
19. September 2021

Arab News – Dubai-based ZENIQ to launch platforms that turn assets into digital tokens

A Dubai-based provider of blockchain-based applications is launching a tokenization project to better facilitate the trading of digital assets.
3. August 2021

MEA Finance – Tokenization, more than the sum of its parts

Nowadays, terms like Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or Blockchain are no longer unfamiliar words for most people.
25. July 2021

Crypto Voize – ZENIQ Launches Blockchain Tokenization Platform in Dubai

The rise of awareness and demand for non-volatile cryptocurrencies, digital assets, reliable blockchain, and decentralized finance applications (aka De-Fi Apps) in the UAE and across the world, has proportionally ignited concerns about risk, compliance, the environment, and safety.
21. July 2021
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)-based ZENIQ, a platform for digital assets and blockchain technology, has launched a blockchain tokenization platform in Dubai.
21. July 2021

Arabian Business – UAE’s DIFC is home to new blockchain tokenisation platform

Zeniq's new platform will allow its users access to liquidity in the DIFC, and potentially globally.
19. July 2021

GULF TODAY – ZENIQ launches new platform in Dubai

ZENIQ launches ground-breaking blockchain tokenisation platform in Dubai.