Due to a highly successful project ZENIQ and its partners are permanent targets for competitors who want to harm us and scammers who want to take profit from their wrong claims and fraudulent actions against us. In this section we are collecting the posts with false content that came to our attention and correct them with real facts. Additionally, please also do your own research and be aware of fake news.

28. January 2022


Airdrops are one of the most popular ways to promote digital assets. Basically, it’s where tokens are gifted to an interested community. At the moment, ZENIQ […]
23. December 2021

ZENIQ Technologies is a DIFC registered company

Following inquiries with the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) regarding the possible registration or regulation of ZENIQ Technologies, the DFSA has issued a clarification in this […]
22. October 2021

False ZENIQ token on PANCAKE

We STRONGLY point out that these tokens on the Binance Smart Chain have NOTHING TO DO with ZENIQ TECHNOLOGIES.There is a high probability that a financial […]
15. October 2021

Misleading Websites

Due to the great global potential of ZENIQ and its solutions in the area of tokenization and co., new websites are constantly being created (also from […]
13. October 2021

Partnership between ZENIQ and the royal family

“The Dubai government is moving the entire administration to blockchain in order to save 3 billion euros in administrative costs. The entire transfer will be managed […]
30. September 2021

Unauthorized Partnerships

Unfortunately, due to the increasing popularity of ZENIQ worldwide, there are always free riders who claim to be official partners, although we are not aware of […]
21. September 2021

ZENIQ Coin is fake?

The ZENIQ coin is on its own blockchain, but since it is not (yet) listed on other exchanges, we have wrapped the ZENIQ coin and made […]