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24. March 2022

ZENIQ Coin launch on LAToken

Our community has been waiting for this news for a long time and we are happy about this important milestone! Many people have asked us about […]
14. March 2022
ZENIQ Staking

What is staking?

In the next days we will launch our new ZENIQ App feature staking! But first, you need to know something significant about our new feature. Have […]
4. October 2021
Zeniq's new platform will allow its users access to liquidity in the DIFC, and potentially globally
27. September 2021
ZENIQ Technologies Ltd, the Dubai-based provider of blockchain-based decentralised applications, has launched a tokenisation project to revolutionise the trading of digital assets.
22. September 2021
Una plataforma gestada en la ciudad emiratí y apoyada por su gobierno quiere 'tokenizar' hasta 80 clases distintas de activos físicos.
22. September 2021
ZENIQ is the next generation of digital asset management
21. September 2021
Zeniq Technologies Ltd, a blockchain-based decentralised applications provider, will launch a tokenisation project in Dubai to revolutionise the trading of digital assets.
19. September 2021
ZENIQ Technologies, a provider of blockchain-based decentralised applications, will launch its first tokenization project in Dubai to boost the trading of digital assets.
19. September 2021
A Dubai-based provider of blockchain-based applications is launching a tokenization project to better facilitate the trading of digital assets.
3. August 2021
Nowadays, terms like Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or Blockchain are no longer unfamiliar words for most people.
25. July 2021
The rise of awareness and demand for non-volatile cryptocurrencies, digital assets, reliable blockchain, and decentralized finance applications (aka De-Fi Apps) in the UAE and across the world, has proportionally ignited concerns about risk, compliance, the environment, and safety.
21. July 2021
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)-based ZENIQ, a platform for digital assets and blockchain technology, has launched a blockchain tokenization platform in Dubai.
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