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Security is a hotly discussed topic for the entire industry. Besides the obvious safety-related advantages a solution like ours offers, the system being secure will contribute to a faster acceptance of digital assets as a whole.

As such, the main goal of ZENIQ Technologies is to use the ZENIQ Hub to increase the security of your digital assets. One of the prominent methods in which we accomplish this is by introducing our unique "shielding technology".
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The ZENIQ Hub is the key to the blockchain world. It is the world's most secure hardware wallet. ZENIQ wants to give everyone in the world secure and easy access to blockchain technology.

The ZENIQ Hub establishes a great protection form for digital assets with its additional built-in security component. The isolation of KeyGuard from the device's main computer protects the private key from unauthorized access to the device, either manually or through malware. In this sense, the central computer serves as the user's "personal asset management system".

The ZENIQ Coin

The ZENIQ Coin is a digital asset minted by ZENIQ Hub users to support and guide transactions on the ZENIQ Blockchain. It also serves as a way to share in the future ZENIQ Exchange's revenue from service fees and increased platform volume.

As a result, the ZENIQ Coin expected performance is linked to profit sharing on the ZENIQ Exchange. One of the benefits of our ecosystem includes the ZENIQ Exchange.

And there is much more! All of the above is just a sneak peek of what you will find in our Whitepaper. By reading the full document, you will be able to get a greater picture of our vision and find answers to questions about compliance, tokenization, security, etc. Thanks for your patience and your trust. Just keep in mind, our journey is just 1% finished! And now, enjoy our ZENIQ Business Whitepaper.